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Our Mission

Our school is run on a system of mutual respect, for teachers, administration and students. In a warm and caring environment, full of creativity and multi-faceted approaches to education, we ignite a spark in each girl to love Hashem and Torah as well as an awareness and understanding of their own diverse potential.

We offer smaller classes, individualized learning, hand selected teachers, and an environment where every girl truly matters.  An assortment of art-centric subjects including dance, art, film, writing workshops and many others are offered. Daily electives are provided to explore different interests and capabilities.

B’ezrat Hashem, with a strong foundation of Torah and a Rabbinical panel guiding us, Yotzer Ohr girls graduate with a deep and meaningful understanding of how to effectively run a Jewish home. In addition, they feel pride in themselves and have a world of creative and educational options available.

We look forward to working with you to help your daughters achieve their potential!


Support Our School

Your gift means a lot to us! Thank you for your efforts in educating the next generation of Jewish children.

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